Junior Year / Ball State University


Junior (1970-71)

My junior year was wild and my life out of control. I first lived in a dilapidated mansion on Adams street with a group of "freeks". Here's a picture of the Mansion turned into a Hippy house that I lived in during Fall quarter.

Mark and Richard walking up to the mansion

Me and Lynn Rhamy

Lynn in front of my Catalina

Then I moved to Linda Lane and paid rent with student loans. This was the winter quarter. Over Christmas break, I hitch hiked from Muncie to Longview and back. This was crazy and cold!

Finally, I lived in the Senior Dorm druing the Spring with a guy named Grubb. I got into radical politics with Grubb. Here are some pictures:

This is grubb speaking just before we went to DC to "take back the government".

Here we are demonstrating at the Admin building

In the summer of '71 Mark O and I traveled with my sister Charlotte from Whiting to Longview.
This is what I looked like:

Just before my senior year, I found the Lord and changed from "freek" to "Jesus Freek".

Taking Jimmy Walker on a trip to downtown Chicago.

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