George Rogers Clark School
Junior High School
~ 1962 to 1964 ~

I spent 2 years in Junior High. When I started attending Clark School in 1955, students were accepted twice a year. Children born from January to September began school in September, while children born in October, November, and December began school in January. I was called a "midterm" student and for 8 years I always seemed out of sync with other kids. My cohort group was small. I graduated from High School with about 6 people who began Kindergarten with me in 1955. In 8th grade, I was given a choice. I could either take extra classes and join the class of 1967, or I could dawdle for one semester and join the class of 1968. I chose to dawdle mostly for reasons of sports. I spent January to May of 1964 as a third term 8th grader.

Here are some 7th grade memories

Official Picture

7A School Schedule

7B School Schedule

A report card from 7th grade.
I was having too much fun to get good grades.

Here are some 8th grade memories

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8A School Schedule

8B School Schedule

A big event in 8th grade was winning a city basketball title in 1963.

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