President Clinton is impeached by the House
but is not removed by the Senate

The last two years of the Clinton presidency were a political hoot. The soap opera began in the Spring of 1998 when allegations were made that Bill Clinton was messing around with White House interns. Soon the name "Monica Lewinski" was in the news and a sex scandal was broiling. That heat kept up for a few months, with Bill Clinton denying any involvment with "that woman". Finally, he admitted to a sexual encounter with Monica in August, 1999.

It then took the Republican congress until January 2000, to begin impeachment proceedings. The impeachment proceedings kept me glued to my radio and the USA Today web site. In my opinion a censure was in order by both houses of Congress, but the removal of the president for sexual impropriety was too extreme for me. The U.S. House just mustered enough votes to impeach him (50%+), but the Senate didn't get near the 2/3 majority to remove. And so life moved on.