Dad leading a service for
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, International (FGBMFI) and
giving his testimony

    Chronology of a Testimony:

  • Listen to Dad describing the baptism of Grandma Morris.

  • Then hear Dad discuss the lengthening of legs.
  • Next, the assembled voices sing Silver & Gold.

  • Dad reads some verses about Jesus healing.
  • My dad notes that Jesus is no differnt today.

  • As part of his testimony, Dad talked about fasting.
  • This is the center of Dad's testimony.

  • Dad ends up witnessing to the doctor.
  • Dad talks about the power of confessing.

  • Dad notes that Nancy & Susie prayed to Jesus.
  • Finally dad prays for overeaters.

  • ~ recorded on April 7, 1975 ~
    (This is only 10 minutes of a 90 minute recording
    If you wish to hear the entire tape recording, contact Chris.)