Reunion and Group Pictures

The entire group in 1959
13 people

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The entire group on the stairs in front of the house in 1967
20 people

This is a picture after the official picture

Family in 1970
21 people

Missing Charlotte in 1971

The entire group in 1975
30 people

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about the same time but without Walkers.

The group (most of it) in 1988
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36 relatives (not including Lothier, Heidi, & Grandma Rose)
Alan Foreman, Kim Foreman, & James Walker family not present

Another picture from 1988

Jack is speak no evil, I'm hear no evil, Frank is see no evil

The extended family in 1995 for Mom's 75th Birthday
52 in picture

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The group (most of it) in 2000
49 in picture

The group in 2001
50 in picture

The group at the reunion in 2002

The group at the reunion in 2003

Jennie Foreman Jason Francis Heidi Woether Lother Woether Barbara Foreman Jack Foreman Patrick Foreman Zachary Foreman Simon Peter Foreman Joshua Foreman John Foreman Amber Foreman Melissa Ament Crystal Ament Shelley Walker Chris Foreman Dan Walker Chris Walker Brian Ament Charlotte Francis Nancy Ament Debra Sullivan Donald Zelen Heather Necker Benjamin Zelen Nathan Zelen Stephanie Necker Lucina Foreman Susan Davis Jeanne Zelen Frank Foreman Rose Zeleznik Terry Zimmerman Eileen Zimmerman Jennifer Zimmerman Laura Zimmerman Lelia Foreman David Foreman Kristina Davis Alisha's mom