California years: 1988 to 2022
(now appearing as Volume Two of the Dash Between the Dates.

This is my record of events from 1988 to 2021. I kept most of the big things that I did on this page: pictures,videos, and words -- all at my fingertips.

The pictures begin sparce in 1988, then grow. They really expand in 2001 with my first digital camera. By 2020 I was adding about a thousand photos per year.

Beginning in April of 2022, my life story was moved from Photo Journal to Volume Two of The Dash between the Dates. With this Monthly Journal of my life, each calendar year forms an additional chapter. Volume Two will continue as long as my health, my mind, and my God see fit.

Fort Baker ~ 1988 to 1992

Mill Valley ~ 1992 to 2006

San Lorenzo ~ 2006 to 2009

Hayward ~ 2009 to 2012

password after August 2011

San Mateo ~ 2013 to 2022

password protected

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