~ 1989 ~

Following the kids to the school bus

Four of my great neices

Eileen, Susan, and Mom

A close up of Simon

Nate, Steph and Simon

A visit to Halmonie's place

Hugging and Skating
See Simon Skate

Simon made his skateboard ramp

We took mom to the Palace of the Fine arts in SF
It was built the same year she was born / 1915

Frank and his family visited us on the way up to Alaska

Kim near Mount Tam

and Kim near the Fort Baker Tunnel

Simon was happy in 1989

Zachary and Simon were swinging

But Simon gets tired after swinging

Simon in front of the chapel

Getting ready for a party ... and ... for church

Mother and Son

Looking at the earthquate fires in San Francisco

Chris 40th birthday

Christmas in 1989

See Twenty-six home movies from California 1989

Move on Fort Baker in 1990