Zachary visited from November 19 to 29

Zach arrived on Friday, November 19, and the next we went to see the BIG GAME in Berkeley with Robie and his wife.

see the pictures!

When Simon visited me, he suggested that I acquire a dog. I dismissed the thought at first, but then I reconsidered. Caryl helped me look for dogs on the internet and we also visited a PetSmart and Alameda Animal shelter. After church on Sunday, November 21, Caryl and Diane Varady and I went to Oakland to check out a dog. We decided that Jody was the right dog. On Monday, Caryl and I went back to Oakland to pick her up.
On Thanksgiving day, Zachary and I went to the the San Francisco Polo Field to run a five-mile turkey trot.

Jody stayed in the house. There was note on my door when I returned saying that she barked all morning
After the turkey trot, Zachary, Jody and I took the VW camper to Auburn to visit Walkers for a Thanksgiving meal. We spent the night in their driveway in the camper. JuJu made this gingerbread man

Zachary took some pictures of me and Jody

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