Hayward 2010

~ from January through August ~

Hayward 2011 with Liz  


January 2011

I visited Zachary in Alexandria, VA, during the first week of January
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February 2011

There were two big events this month!

First, my first granddaughter-- Gia --was born on February 4

Here's her first picture [click to see the video of her on her first day on earth].

GIA = God is Awesome

This is a video of Lorenzo's birthday on February 8.

The 2nd big event was the Hwan Gap for the lovely Kim on February 19 & 20

Click to see celebrations of her 60th birthday!

March 2011

On Saturday, March 5, the church took the bus to Tiburon Baptist Chruch
to see Linda Rice in concert, playing her harp

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and all the other events of March
Here are some pictures of me and Jody

and a video of Jody in Church

April 2011

I enjoyed a great road trip to Death Valley from April 4 to 7

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April 18-22, 2011

Officiating at the wedding of JJ BLazin and Nichole on April 30


May 2011

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Hyun Hee and Stephen came by to visit on May 21-22

Zachary and I went camping again on May 23-24

Frank and Lelia dropped by for the Memorial Day Weekend

See pictures of the grandkids from May 2011

June 2011

The month began with a birthday party for Jody!

Zachary takes pictures of Gia and Lorenzo ~ June 11 & 12

Camping at Mount Diablo ~ June 13 & 14

I presided over two funerals in June: for Marty Starry Pardue on June 10
and for John Corrington on June 18

This is the plaque that Simon and I collaborated on in May & June.
I am taking it to Rwanda in July

the Korean Church sponsored a Parking lot sale for CASA on June 27 We made $588

Jody always steals the show

July 2011

See some odds & ends from July 2011

Road Trip to Oregon & Washington over July 4

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See Jody's trick of rolling over

On Thursday July 14, my $1000 memorial plaque finally arrived -- with just a few days to spare.
I showed in church on Sunday

Bob Shaw dropped me off at the airport on Monday, July 18.
I spent two nights with Zachary in Virginia, then off to Africa

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On July 31, as I was dedicating a Kim memorial in Rwanda, my church remembered Kim by placing flowers at her grave.

August 2011

I was in Rwanda from August 1 to 5 and arrived in DC on Saturday morning.
On Sunday, I went with Zac to church, then had lunch with Zac and Jean

I took the Bolt Bus from DC to NYC and met Simon in Manhatten about 7pm

Click to see my few days with Simon.
Two slides I showed at church

This is my letter of retirement and relocation

Dear Church Family,       August 3, 2011

After much prayer and seeking the wisdom from above, I have decided to retire as your pastor effective August 31, 2012. After this retirement I plan to relocate to Rwanda and lead the Kim Foreman Bible Institute.

This calling has been on my heart ever since Kim's death, but I thought it prudent to put on hold all major life decisions for a full year while grieving the death of my lovely wife. One year has passed and this call on my life remains as strong as ever.

Believe me when I say that I have absolutely no issues with my church family at First Southern. You have always been very kind and supportive of me and of my late wife Kim. Yet I believe that God has set me apart for this work in Rwanda, for which I am uniquely qualified.

Consider how God has prepared me. He has granted me good health and provided me with financial resources. He has filled me with teaching gifts that coincide with the Gospel need in Africa. He has built for me a ten-year deep relationship with African co-workers. Truly my cup runneth over ; and the season has come for me to tip the cup and to pour out my life as a drink offering to God. [Also -and this is difficult to utter- our sovereign Lord has seen fit to prepare me with a life of singleness. Without the blessing of a wife, I can pursue His work with a single-minded focus.]

Consider this as well. The Kim Foreman Bible Institute is housed in a facility that is costing one-half million dollars. Yet this investment alone cannot yield success. Quality leadership and sustained commitment are also required; and there could be no one in the entire world more committed to the success of this institute than I am. I must go to Africa and build a legacy for Kim.

I am telling you of my retirement 12 months in advance, because I must start the long process of relocating and I did not want to do anything behind your back. I promise to work faithfully for you until the day of my retirement, or until you hire someone to succeed me as senior pastor. Thank you for your understanding.

Chris A. Foreman

Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church of San Lorenzo

On the last day of August, just before I went to bed, I joined e-harmony.
A few days later, this is what my IPad looked like:

September opened a new chapter in my life.

When I met Liz my life became more private. I was now emmeshed with a woman who was not the exhibitionist that I was. Therefore, the PHOTO JOURNAL that follows is password protected. If you would like to see what following pages, you can contact me at chrisalanforeman@gmail.com

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