Tribute to     J O D Y

~ God must have humor and have it no end for His name spelt backward is now my best friend~

What can I say about my wonder dog, Jody? Even writing these words - sixteen months after her death - brings tears to my eyes. My heart has yet to fully mend.

Perhaps the best expression is the first impression.

From the moment she leapt into my arms, Jody Teardrop became my faithful friend. We were a bonded pair, hobo companions. She was my shadow, a constant presence, always underfoot. Most out-of-door pictures show Jody snuggled to my heart. I even dedicated my travelogue to this wonder-pooch. To Liz and me, Jody grew into an affectionate canine child, a kind of therapeutic court jester.

I could never have guessed I could have loved a dog so dearly. And so, it did not come as a surprise -- when she passed from the scene -- my heart was filled with grief. The loss of my beloved J-dog rent a hole in my soul in the shape of this sixteen-pound chihuahua-terrier mix. My heart was broken. It would take a season to mend.

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I still miss my wonder-dog!

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