Kim Foreman Legacy

Kim Foreman was a founder of Come & See Africa who died in Rwanda on August 3, 2010, the day of her return flight to America.
At her funeral in Kigali, her son Zachary said, "If God had appeared to my mom two weeks before her death and asked her "How would you like to spend the last fourteen days of your life? I will grant you whatever you wish." She may have responded, "Thou knowest. I would not change a thing".
There is so much to say of Kim and her legacy in Africa,
that these dozen points seem inadequate.

1. Kim's Last email to her church California church speaks elequently of her love for Rwanda and her passion for missions ~ July 27.

2. Kim's last blog posting describes her missionary experience on her last mission ~ July 28.

3. The last video of Kim shows her just a few hours before the car crash that took her life ~ July 31

4. Letter to my wife: Kim Hyun Deok Foreman - on August 2, 2010, in expectation of your death.-

5. This is the affidavit describes the car crash in detail ~ August 3

6. Just after her death, Chris, Zachary and Simon agreed to name the building under construction "The Kim Foreman Bible Institute" ~ August 4

7. Her obituary includes some details of Kim's life ~ August 10

8. This was the prayer card for Kim ~ August 14

9. This is the "mercy letter" that Chris sent to Frank Murenzi, forgiving him for his involvment in the car crash ~ October 9

10. We established a website for Kim ~ ~ that explains her gravestone - November 21

11. On the one-hear anniversary of her death, Chris established a roadside memorial for Kim at the point of the car crash. ~ July 31, 2011

12. I preserved several of Kim's websites shortly after her death

More will be added