Middle School TESOL / Peace Corps / K-25

My passport picture to Korea

I arrived in Seoul,Korea, on November 27, 1972 on a flight from Seattle. The plane was full of Peace Corps Volunteer candidates. We bussed immediately to the capital city of Kang Wan Province, to a city called Choon Chun. Thirty two of us spent about 2 months at the King Sejung Hotel, learning the Korean language and culture and learning how to teach English As a Second Language. The group was great, the time was fun.

Volunteer candidates at Choon Chun, Korea
~ November and December 1972 ~

Mug shots of K-25 PCVs are below:
Some names have links to e-mail (Blue and underlined) if you are interested in contacting an old friend.

Karen Batchelor

Thomas Baumstark

Steve Beatty

John Bell

Bernie Bennett

Raymond Bush

Allen Chernin

Phillip DeAngelis

Sandra DeAngelis

Wayne Donahue

Dennis Dunham

Jane Dunham

Chris Foreman

Edward Haugh

Thomas Jernstd

Bruce Kim

Gerhardt Kleck

Joseph Lavin

Pat Lunitz

Larry Lustig

Sherri McCullough

Jim McGuire

Jim Nemeth

Rebecca Noble

John Nordstrom

Anne Paulet

Kevin Quinn

Katharine Rosow

Andrea Ruelius

Charles Shelan

Norma Shelan

William Thompson

Peter Warburton

Glenn Van Cura

The official K-25 Photo

The group was great, the time was fun. Here's a picture of the fun:

Koreans like to sing alot.
Here are recordings I made in 1973
of a folk song (Arirang), a pop song (Peega Onun Dea) and a political song (Sae Mal Undong).

Tom Coyner (K-35) has a web site that lists all known PCVs from Korea.

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