Chris & Kim Foreman

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Chris & Kim Foreman have traveled as missionaries to Africa since 2001. God has invited them to establish a ministry in the town of Butare, Rwanda. With the help of our African friends -Robina, Frank, Paul, and Immaculee- we are raising up godly University students - all to the glory of God! Come & See Africa in registered in California as a tax-exempt non-profit charity.
Come & See Africa is an American-based ministry that accompanies Christian volunteers to the city of Butare, Rwanda, for a "structured missionary experience". Visitors will stay at the Christian Fellowship House. They will visit orphanages, hospitals, churches, and other organizations that help the needy in Rwanda. They will learn about the rich culture in Rwanda. Visitors will also have the opportunity to teach seminars and provide training in areas of their expertise. Our intention is to introduce Americans to the need in Africa and encourage them to respond to this need after they return home.
The international ministry of Come & See Africa focuses on students enrolled in the National University of Rwanda. Come & See Africa operates a "Christian Fellowship House" near the campus to meet the spiritual and intellectual needs of students. The house provides students with facilities to meet in small groups, study the Bible, and fellowship with believers. We plan to provide students with a theological library, computer/internet access, a sound room and career counseling. Our intention is to provide students with resources and opportunities that are not available through the university or through their local churches.

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