Lyndon Johnson

      Taking the oath of office in 1963
President Johnson was the president of my adolessence, from the time I was in 7th grade to starting college. It seemed a shock to hear "President Johnson" rather than "President Kennedy" in November of 1963. Within 2 months, I officially entered youth culture, buying my first Beatle album.

At the time I was neutral on his Great Society, race and voting rights polices. In retrospect, I know what he did was great. I remember the Viet Nam war growing in significance during his administration. ~ Hey, Hey, LBJ, How many kids did you kill today? ~ I was sad when LBJ didn't run in 1968, but I enjoyed the politics and excitment of the freewheeling election season. I remember Ladybird and her campaign to beautify America and the jokes about his two "semi-beautiful" daughters. President Johnson was just all right with me.

signing the civil rights act

Events from the Johnson Administration.

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