Remembering Computers of bygone days

We kept an old typewriter in Zach's bedroom
He managed to escape from his bed and crawl up next to it.
~ picture 1976 ~

Can you believe that we wrote our Master's Theses on this thing?
~ picture 1980 ~

This is our TRASH 80 from Tandy/Radio Shack. The cassette drives were special
~ picture 1982 ~

This was our IBM "lugable". It was fancy because it had two drives
~ picture 1984 ~

This AT Computer had a hard drive, so there
~ picture 1987 ~

I spent many hours with my 286 computer from DAMARK
It had a CD ROM
~ picture 1990 ~

Back to using the MacIntosh in Mill Valley.It had a CD ROM
~ picture 1996 ~

Simon used the old Mac Classic for a while
~ picture 1997 ~

Using two old computers at once. Paco the Parrot is helping
~ picture 1998 ~

Simon also multi-tasks while using the G3
~ picture 1999 ~

I bought this "winbook" in 1996, a pentium 75 MHZ.
I bought all the accessories to about $5000. I used it alot, especially in the Army Reserve at Camp Parks.
Finally it gave out as Kim was using it in her upstairs office.
~ picture 2000 ~

This is a pentium III 500 MGH. I bought it in June 1999, and used it to August 2002.
~ picture 2000 ~

This is a Sony laptop from the Good Guys. We bought it in 2000 at Christmas. We used it for a year and a half. We brought it along on our mission trip to Rwanda and left it with Frank.
~ picture 2001 ~

This is my current computer set up, A pentium IV 2000 MGH. I bought it in August 2002. In March 2003, we dropped our dial-up internet service and got Comcast Cable connection.
Now I spend too much time on the Web.
~ picture on Christmas day 2003 ~