A Smorgasbord of 12 Web Sites
for beginning Internet users
The Hot 100 
What are the busiest sites on the Web?
Drake High School 
This site won an award
Find your long lost friend
Print out directions to your house
USA Today 
Too splashy on the news-stands. Just right for the Web.
Hot Mail 
Sign up and get free e-mail
Marin IJ 
Let's check for a job or a house
Microsoft's Terraserver
Find a satilite photo of your house
Wells Fargo 
How can you bank on line?
The mother of all search engines
Let's buy a book
The Whitehouse 
What's Bill up to?
Blue Mountain Greetings
Send a greeting card to a friend
MS Investor 
Check up on some stocks.
 by Chris Foreman