Moved here in 1950 and lived in Indiana to 1972

My family moved to Whiting, Indiana, in the summer of 1950. My dad turned in a job in the Ohio coal mines for one in the Indiana oil refineries. I stayed in Whiting until I went away to college in 1968. Most of my childhood memories are of the people and places in Whiting.

8 of us sitting on front steps in about 1954.

Since most of my childhood was experienced in Indiana,
most of my nostalgia is there from the 1950's and 1960's

I attended Ball State University for four years.

When people ask me where I'm from originally, I answer "Indiana". I wasn't born there. I have spent most of my life outside of the state, but still, Indiana is where I am from.

One of my last pictures in Whiting,

on return from my visit to Washington State.

I visited both Muncie and Whiting in May, 2018.
Here are my impressions.

Pictures from Indiana in 1968 (After I bought my first camera)

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