I was born here. So Ohio was my first state to visit in 1949.
(What's round on each end and high in the middle?)


This is the state of my nativity, although I don't remember. I was born in Bellaire, Ohio, on Christmas Eve 1949. I do remember being reminded by my family that I was a "buckeye" while Frank was a "Hoosier". My memory of Ohio consists of the long drives between Whiting and Bellaire to visit relatives: Grandpa Foreman, Uncle Steve, etc. I remember packing up the old 1955 Hudson with salami sandwiches and driving through the snow and ice. There were all the winding roads, the nice rest stops in Ohio, the house that we passed three times, McCollaugh's leap, and Frank's Pee bottle. (Dad didn't like to stop the car once he was underway.) The annual trips stopped about 1960

I cobbled together this version of Beautiful Ohio as the first of my 1111 favorite singles.

This is the house in which I spent the first few months of my life

In Ohio, we also visited Uncle Stutz in Columbus and went to an Ohio State Football game. This was about 1958. We also visited cousin Caroline in Sandusky, Ohio.

I also went to the Mansfield Relays during my track days in High School.

There are a lot of Ohio pictures on my geneology page

Watching the chickens at Grandpa Foreman's house in Bellaire

Posing with Grampa in 1963

A picnic on the way to Ohio

visiting the memorial for Alexander Campbell
founder of the Disciples of Christ

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