First visit in 1968

I've visited this state on several occasions. My first visit was on my hitch-hike west over Christmas.
I was standing by the side of the road about midnight. The wind was howling and cold.
A trucker who stopped thought I was crazy to be hitch-hiking in that weather (maybe I was)

On a couple of drive throughs, I stopped off at Yellowstone.
I remember snow on the windshild on an August night.

On one trip we drove with Josh Foreman and Zac and Simon Peter

Here they are in 1986 at the continental divide in Wyoming

I also evaluated an army fire unit in Casper. I was there for a few weeks

Near Caspar there was a frontier sandstone rock into which pioneers carved their names

I think this one says "J. Foreman 1858"

In July 2013, I made a special camping trip from San Mateo to Yellowstone.

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