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Who needs to work when you have such a great ...

   dog                 wife             and grandkids?

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People often ask me how I spend the days of my retirement. As I write this, I'm in the 67th year of my life -- tempus fugit. I've been retired over five years, stepping down as a pastor in October 2012, marrying Liz in January 2013, and then moving into her San Mateo home.

My first project after retiring/marrying/relocating was to write my magnum opus concerning the loss of one wife and the gain of another. I published this 300-page labor of love in April 2015 and titled it Forgive Like a Rwandan: a Memoir of Love, Life, and Letting Go. I continue to write and enjoy writing, but read my rant in .

Liz and I like to . We've each been to all 50 states. We've been on two recent adventures: one through the Panama Canal last April and one to the Canadian Capitals last August. As a missionary, I've been to five times since I met Lizzie.

I spend some retirement hours with Liz and some visiting my two sons. Zachary, Ruth, and Zelie live in Virginia and Simon lives Manhatten. His two kids, Lorenzo and Gia, live in Florida with their mom.

Almost every day I walk my dog Jody and spend an hour or so at the ~ ~ keeping fit. God is gracious to me. There's much more to do than time to do it. I enjoy my Christian and my friends.

I retired from the and enjoy in my redfurbished VW Eurovan Camper. In 2017 my goal is to visit all 58 counties in California and all 21 California missions.

Liz is the love of my life and I'm blessed that I can spend my retirement with her--although at times we drive each other crazy.