~ C A N A D A ~

I've traveled to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon (and in 2017 Quebec)


British Columbia



Ontario ~ I believe that my first visit to Ontario (and therefore Canada) was in 1955. My family visited New York and Washington, D.C. and we made a side trip to Niagra Falls. We walked across to see Horseshoe Falls too.

A few years after that on one of our frequent trips to Ohio, my dad wanted to make the trip interesting. So instead of returning through Ohio, we drove north of Lake Erie and returned to Whiting, via Detroit.

British Columbia ~ I visited B.C. on a day trip from Longview. We drove up to the US / Canadian border and picniced at the Peace Arches International Park. (Children of a common mother)

The next time I entered B.C., was during a long trip to North Pole, Alaska, in 1992. Zachary, Simon and I drove through the entire province on the way there and again on the way back. I remember lots of pot holes, moose, and mesquitoes. We left and entered B.C. a few times when we made side trips into the lower penninsula of Alaska.

This is me at the beginning of the Alaska Highway in B.C.

Alberta ~ On our trip to Alaska, we drove 5 miles out of our way to pose by the "Welcome to Alberta" sign.

Here's the picture to prove it.

Yukon ~ We drove through the Yukon, there and back. More small trees, bugs, and moose kept us company.

We visited a hot springs in Yukon and the boys swam a bit, but there were just too many mesquitoes. We visited Whitehorse and the Riverboat.

In 2017 Liz and I went a tour of the Canadian capitals

This is a tour that Liz and I took together. It is password protected.

Frank and I went on a road trip to Banff in August 2018

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