G e r m a n y       

I was in Germany three times:
First in 1967, visiting my brother Jack who was in Berlin.
Next in 1980, with the U.S. Army on a REFORGER mission.
Third in 1997, with Kim to visit Zachary who was in Poland.

In High School I decided to take up German as a foreign language. After my junior year of high school, I thought that I would advance my German studies by traveling to Germany to visit my brother Jack in Berlin. He was in the Air Force at Templehof Airbase and had just married Barbara. I kept a diary of events that summer.

I was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, when I joined the Fifth Engineer Battalion in the summer of 1979. In January of 1980, our battalion went to Germany on a REFORGER (Return of Forces to Germany) mission.

My son Zachary spent about 6 months studying in Poland at Jagallonian University. We arrived in Frankfurt, rented a car, drove to Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Berlin, then back to Frankfort. You can see pictures of that trip to Eastern Europe.

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