~ Two Original WordPlay Publications ~

One finished work is called: Double Duty Surnames.
"Brook Shields her eyes from the prying photographers."

Another finished work is called Name Chains.

Chester Arthur Murray Abraham Lincoln Ellsworth Bunker
A President A Dancer An Actor A President An Explorer U.S. Diplomat
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~ Seven Original WordPlay Challenges ~

to compose a paragraph which ends in four differently spelled homonyms like "two too to tu."
to compose a six syllable phrase on the pattern ABABAB with the 3 A's and the 3 B's being homonyms The Shah's lament:  "I ran Iran, I ran."
to compose a short love poem in anagram.  "I am sorry. How sorry am I?"
to name a celebrated person whose first and last names are synonyms in their homonymic form.  like  "Rip Torn"
to compose the shortest poem in the world just three letters
to use a person's initials as a referential message like "Died In A Nasty Accident"
to guess my favorite word oddities like the only perfect synonyms