The 104th Division
(Eugene, Oregon)

Official Army Photo

I arrived in Eugene as a student at the University of Oregon. Shortly after my arrival, I joined the Army Reserve; the third Battalion, first Brigade, 104th Division. This was a unit of Drill Sergeants who mobilization mission was to move to training sites and pump out new soldiers. At first I was training officer for Cpt Endicott in Alpha Company. After a year he left. I was promoted to Captain and company commmander. I drilled one weekend a month and during the summers went to two-weeks of duty at Fort Lewis and Fort Benning.

A picture of LTC Johnson, CPT Endicott, SFC Bigelow

Posing with an M60 Machine Gun

After leaving the 104th Division in Eugene and returning to the Army in Wisconsin, I sojourned in Korea for 5 months. While there, I earned a few army points by meeting with Army Reservists in Seoul.

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