My first visit to Oregon was in 1968 on the great trek west
I was a resident of Oregon from September 1980 to May 1984

My first visit to Oregon was a drive through in 1968. Eventually, a large part of my family that moved west to Washington State in the 1960s relocated in Oregon. By the time we moved to Oregon, Jeanne and Don lived in Eugene along with Debbie and Denny Necker and Susan and Don Davis. Jimmy Walker also lived in Eugene.

Kim and I and Zac and Pete moved to Eugene, Oregon, in 1980, so that I could pursue my doctor's degree at the University of Oregon.

Zachary, Peter, and Josh Welcome you

Pictures around the house in Eugene

Pictures around town in Eugene

Pictures while on vacation from Eugene  

Kim went to college

Big trip from Eugene to DC in 1983

A visit to Crater Lake in 1983

Going to Korea, just after Eugene

Old black and white videos of life in Eugene.

Our official 1981 photo

I was a Company Commander in the Army Reserve / 104th Division (Training). Here is a view of that Army Life .

The purpose for our sojourn in Eugene was for me to pursue my doctorate at the University of Oregon. You can check that out.

With my U of O shirt on

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