Pictures from Barbara Visit

At 2:00 I began a task I had asked Barb to help me with long before I came. She dug out a large container of individual photographs, photo albums, and framed photos. We put the big box on the tabletop and for a few hours she and I sorted through them. I was looking for pictures I did not have, especially of my sons, and old ones of my family. After thumbing through maybe 2000 prints, I set a few dozen aside. Then I took pictures of them with my iPad camera. They came out pretty well. Barbara also gave me one 8mm film roll, 3 video cassettes, and a few CDs of pictures Jack had scanned. I plan to digitize the lot and return them to her with DVD copies.

32 photos copied from
Barbara's container

28 photos from CD
labled "before the kids"

26 photos from Jack
HP CD photo album

Videos of Mom
old movies

Coming Soon
videos from
reels and tapes