My mother's narrative

Sometime in the early 90's, My brother Jack invited my mother--Genevieve Foreman--to his home in Texas. Two things were accomplished on this visit. First, Jack showed my mom several old 8mm movies. He recorded the movies on a VHS tape recorder along with mom's comments. There are two files with these old movies with mom's memory of them. Each file is 57 minutes. The quality is not great, going from 8mm film, to VHS, to DVD, to MP4.

The second accomplishment was this: Jack interviewed mom about her life, begining with her testimony, then other memories. Jack inverviews first, then Barbara. There are two files of this interview. The first is for 57 minutes and the second is for 23 minutes. I hope you enjoy hearing my mother speak her memory.

mom narrates 8mm movies
~ 57 minutes ~

mom narration continues
~ 57 minutes ~

Jack interviews mom
~ 57 minutes ~

Barbara interviews mom
~ 23 minutes ~

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