Sixty years of Home Movies and Videos
~ 1953 to 2013 ~

8 Millimeter Movies
~ 1953 through 1980 ~

My father bought a movie camera in 1953 to document the wedding of Jeanne and Don. This camera was used by my dad and Don thoughout the 1950s and 1960s. Several movie reels were transfered to DVD around 2000. These 61 video clips are taken from DVDs and background music was added.

Black & White Video
~ 1982 through 1984 ~

In 1982 I bought a second-hand black & white video camera. I took videos with it in Eugene, Oregon, until I bought by color video camera in Korea in 1984. These fifteen videos were transfered to cassette, then to DVD in 2016.

Kim recording video
at Fort Baker in 1989

Video Camera
~ 1984 through 1994 ~

I was a bigtime videographer from the time I bought my expensive camera in Korea in 1994 through 4 years at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, then a few more years in California. By the mid-90s the technology was old and the camera was faling apart. For several years there were no movies.

Digital Story Telling
Twelve videos designed
to tell a story

My mom's narrative
~ 1994 with Jack ~
Mom narrated 2 hours of old movies and was interviewed for 90 minutes.

In recent years, videos have been integrated into the Photo Journal

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