San Lorenzo 2006

San Lorenzo 2008



Chris was in Africa during the first two weeks of 2007.
These are pictures of Kim at the "New York New Years" Party

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See pictures of the mission trip

Chris officiating at a memorial funeral


Picture from the Valentine Party on February 11

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Picture from the Balsley Memorial on February 17

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a picture from Simon & a picture from Jeanne

This is the Silver Team
Kim's 56th Birthday

On February 19, Kim and I agreed to dog-sit a Korean jin-do-ge for a couple that was going to Korea. Here a picture of Lilly

On February 24, Lilly killed our long-time pet bird named Paco
Here is the note that I sent to Simon, Dilia, and Zachary:

"Dear Simon, Delia, and Zachary,
I feel so bad this evening. I let my bird down. The dog killed him.
Paco had been in the cage ever since the dog was in the house -- six days. It looked like we might keep this dog, so I put the cage up extra high and let Paco sit on top the cage. The dog found a way to startle Paco and Paco fluttered down to the ground. I was only a few feet away. I heard the flutter, raced to the dog, but it was too late. I think that the dog only got one chomp before I pulled him off, but that was enough. He was dead immediately. Your mom got so mad. She yelled at the dog and threw him out of the house. We will not be cruel to the dog, but she will stay in the garage until we can find a home for her.
I do feel bad. Paco was my companion for 15 years. He was a pain at times. He pooped on my shoulder at lot, but life is different without him. I think we are done with pets for a while.~~ DAD


Visiting the art studio in Oakland

Our trip to NYC and DC to visit Simon and Zachary

David Robinson, guest speaker and sculpter

Amon and Erica visit for a mission meeting


Visiting flower shop

Zachary on a visit

Easter Service

Nathaniel from India


Green Team


Visiting Walkers in Granite Bay

Red Team

Caryl and Kim with John King

KIA -- Kim is Awesome



Bryan Baek's Ordination

Gold Team

Caryl doing OJT with Bonsai / Nathan on his first visit before Africa

Going away party for Don on June 23 / Delia holding an Ipod for Gordon
A Wedding at Prayer Mountain for Michael and Katherine
Tragically, she would die a year later.

Baptisms on June 24

Baptizing Angelica

Baptizing Shirley, P.J., and Al
Off to Africa on June 27


Back from Summer Mission to Rwanda on July 13.

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Visiting Jack and Frank in Houston / July 23 to 25

Frank is the doner. Jack is waiting for a bone marrow transplant

Pictures from Simon, working on his art in Brooklyn (received in July)

A Gold Team BBQ at Gerty's house on July 28

VBS at FSBCSL / July 29 to August 3


Picking plums in Marty Starry Pardue's backyard on August 5

New Pastor's Meeting in Fresno on August 13 & 14

Eugene and Gianne Curry

At Jenness Park on August 17


Angelica, and Rachael and Richard

Eating ice cream on a Wednesday evening / August 29

Meeting with Wen Hoa, Judy, Barry, Jenny and with Willy in San Francisco on August 31


Going to a church leadership meeting on Sep 15

Meeting with friends

6 Deacons praying for Antonio

Deacons meeting at Thornells on September 21


A picture of brother Jack recovering from his bone-marrow transplant.
(picture provided by Barbara)

Putting skylights in the parsonage

Flowers for Shauna


We sent this robe to Dilia after they moved into their new apartment

Listen to Dilia's response

Saying goodbye to Amber and Brendon on Nov 4

Visiting the sister of Jean Johnson

Kim watching her k-dramas

Korean article about our church

Chris visiting Sacramento for CBA convention on Nov13

delivering boxes of food to GGBTS

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meeting with Wing Lem and the group in San Bruno

Walking the Marina trail

Going with Zachary to see Nutcracker

Kim at the Church Christmas Party

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On Christmas Eve / Just before Traveling

Click on the picture below to see the Africa Mission that began on December 24

When Chris went to Africa, Kim went to
New York City

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San Lorenzo 2008