San Lorenzo 2008

January through April

Hayward 2009

Chris celebrating in Butare, Rwanda

January 2009

Chris and Kim were in Africa during the first two weeks of 2009.
Click on the picture below to see the Africa Mission that began on December 29

On the return trip from Africa to California, Chris & Kim visited with Zachary in Virginia & D.C.
Simon dropped in.

February 2009

We have a BABY !!
Sunday, February 8

Lorenzo at 2 hours old
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Kim celebrates with a balloon

Valentine's day at the church

Kim's Birthday on February 20

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March 2009

We took a lot of pictures of Lorenzo this month. Zachary went to visit by himself early in the month. Chris and Kim went later in the month. Here are the pictures
These are 17 Zachary pictures of his visit to Brooklyn.

Kim went on the church Womens Retreat from March 13 TO 15.

Click to see a video of the fun

These are pictures Kim, Chris, and Zachary with Lorenzo in Brooklyn from March 26 to 29.

April 2009

We Skyped Simon on April 10, so how Lorencito is growing

Three baptisisms on Easter Sunday / April 12

Pictures at the ladies luncheon on April 18

Saying "goodbye" to the church parsonage

Click to see video of parsonage

My nephew, Ben Zelen came by to visit on Saturday, April 18

This is the first photo of our new condo, showing the pealing paint about the patio doors

May 2009

We moved to Hayward on May first