Studying New Testament Greek

In fits and starts, I have been a student of koine / New Testament Greek most of my life. I can think of five starts:
1. When I was a senior at Ball State and newly committed to Christ, I bought a Greek-English Interlinear New Testament in 1971 and tried to study it. The only thing I learned was how difficult the language was. I took that book to Korea and back. Carrying it around made me seem smart. It remains the earliest book I purchased that is still in my possession.

2. In 1983, after I earned my the U of Oregon, I began taking Bible classes at a place called the "McKenzie Center". I was serious for a while and learned some vocabulary. But I soon left Eugene and headed to Korea.

3. Finally, in 2003 at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, I took an Intro to NT Greek and then a Greek exegitical class in Colossians. Dr. Noh was a great teacher. I bought the pack of 1000 vocabulary cards and for a while was pretty good, especially in Colossians. But time passed and the brain cells died. Here are some excerpts from my Greek readings:

4. After Kim died in 2010, I wanted some distraction, so I dug out my Greek cards and for a few months, I thumbed through them as I wandered around the Cal State campus. I moved on and neglected my studies.

5. Then as a New Year's resolution in 2018, I determined to re-new my Greek studies. I am being very dilligent and consistant this time round. I want to get into the Greek Bible every day as a form of personal deviotion and Bible study. Ask me in another year if the fifth time is the charm.

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