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This Ministry Page was Retired in 2019 when the focus of shifted to biography.
It is a now a legacy archive.

In October 2012, I retired as pastor. I no longer lead a flock of believers or preach on Sundays, but God has filled my cup. Here are my ministries as of April 2018.

Liz and I attend Central Penninsula Church usually the 9:00 service. I currently lead a table at Men's Fraternity at on Thursday morning. We meet at Central Peninsula Church at 6:00 am.

Africa is in my blood. I have traveled to Rwanda on 21 mission trips since 2001 and am the founding board member of Come & See Africa International. I am preparing for an apologetics conference in Rwanda in January 2019.

Apologetics has become a passion. I have completed an apologetics course of study through Reasonable Faith. My brother Frank and I also teach apologetics in Africa at the lighthouse.

These days I count writing as a ministry ~ "Shaping souls through the creative word." I am grateful to God that I finally have this opportunity. I've been slacking, but it's always on my mind.

I resolved to re-learn my Koine Greek. My goal is to finally master it and read the New Testament in the original language without aid. I don't plan to teach it, but to use it for my personal devotions. It slows me down and really gets me deep into the text.

I also minister to my loved one by praying for them in my .

This has been my pilgrimage
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