Central Penninsula Church
in Foster City

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This CPC Page was Retired in 2019 when the focus of
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It is a now a legacy archive.

When I first started to date Liz in September of 2011, I began to visit her church -- CPC. I was still a pastor in San Lorenzo but I began to make the 6am Men's Fraternity. When I resigned from FSBCSL then married Liz, we began to attend Sunday services together.

The first year was exciting. In 2013, I gave my testimony at an outdoor service and in 2014, Pastors Mark and Neal accompanied me to Rwanda. But, alas, all that enthusiam about CASA soon petered out.

In 2014. I became a table leader for Men's Fraternity and never stopped attending. However, by July of 2015 Liz and I were ready for a change and joined Western Hills Church.

In mid 2017, we both agreed that Pastor Karl at WHC was sadly going off the rails. After consideration, we began to re-attend CPC in September 2017.

Here are some pictures of what Liz and I are up to these days at CPC.

Chris at Mount Herman in 2017

Chris at Mount Herman in 2018


Chris talks about Job and his experience of suffering

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