My first drive through of Missouri was in 1965 on the way to Texas
I lived in Missouri from April 1977 to September 1980

Fort Leonard Wood was my first duty assignment. I first worked as a range officer on the M16 Field Fire Range, then on the M60 Machine Gun / LAW Range. Then I worked as a training officer for the "sick, lame and lazy company". Next, I went to work for the 5th Engineer Battalion. In January of 1980 I went to Germany with the 5th Engineers on a REFORGER Mission.
Our family was young and for four years I took a lot of pictures!

~Pictures of Life In Missouri ~

With Dad at the front door of our quarters
a few months before he died in 1977.

Another front door picture with Kim's mother in 1979.

Looking out the front door window

Baby Simon

Backyard garden

Zac and Peter dressed alike
This wouldn't happen too much longer

Official Christmas Card for 1977

The snowman in January 1978

The snowman in February 1978

This is a closer look at my Army Life at Fort Leonard Wood.

While we lived in Missouri, both Kim and I received a Masters in Education degree from Drury College. You can check that out.

Of course, the biggest event that took place in Missouri was
the birth of Simon Peter Pyung Hwa Foreman on June 21, 1977

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