First visit in 1958; Lived in Wisconsin from 1984 to 1988

My first visit to Wisconsin occured in 1958 when my family circumnavigated Lake Michigan. My family may have visited Wisconsin Dells in the early 60's but I don't remember for sure.

I was in Korea in 1984 when I learned that the army wanted me back. After some soul-searching, Kim and I decided to leave Korea and return to the Army at Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin. We arrived on July 1st and lived in a trailer on the Army Post for a month or so.

After looking around for a while, we decided to live in Mauston. This was 50 miles from my job at Ft. McCoy, but it was close to Madison, where Kim was attending graduate school. We lived in a mobile home in Mauston for about 12 months.

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Trailer living was not for us and we moved to Tomah, which was just outside of Ft. McCoy. We got a great house for just $47,000 !!

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I did not take very many photos in Wisconsin because I took 67 videos:

We attended church services at the Tomah Assembly of God.
Zachary and Simon Peter were Bible Quizzers there.

I was an Evaluation Officer at the Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
(ARRTC) during my four years at Fort McCoy. Here is a view of that Army Life .

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