Church History and Affiliations

I was pastor at Libery Christian Fellowship from August 2003 to April 2005. Our congregation of young people served as the English Ministry of the Korean First Baptist Church of San Francisco.
I sometimes participate in the spiritual life of Tiburon Baptist Church.
My mentor (Pastor Barry) and spiritual advisor (ken) worship here.

I supported The Salvation Army / San Francisco Korean Corps .
My ministry was with a small band of English speakers.

I sometimes attend a Men's Connection at Westminster Presbyterian Church. It is a morning of fellowship and sharing.

For many years I attended the Assembly of God. I was a Deacon and my kids were Bible Quizzers.

My son Zachary is now a devout member of the Catholic Church. He intends to serve the church in some capacity.

I grew up and was baptised in the Church of Christ. Here I learned what was held most valuable by my parents.