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Who needs to work when you have such a great ...

   dog                 wife             and grandkids?

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This Retirement Page itself was Retired in 2019 when the focus of shifted to biography.
It is a now a legacy archive.

People often ask me how I spend the days of my retirement. As I write this, I'm in the 69th year of my life -- tempus fugit. I've been retired over six years, stepping down as a pastor in October 2012, marrying Liz in January 2013, and then moving into her San Mateo home.

My first project after retirement was to write a memoir concerning the loss of one wife and the gain of another. I published Forgive Like a Rwandan: a Memoir of Love, Life, and Letting Go in 2015.  I just completed a second memoir titled: Coast-to-coast-to Coast: My Journey into the Land of Fahrvernugen.   I continue to write, but read my rant in .

Liz and I like to . We've each been to all 50 states. Our last adventure together was to Israel & Jordan last November. As a missionary, I've been to six times since I met Lizzie.

I spend some retirement hours with Liz and some visiting my two sons. Zachary, Ruth, & Zelie live in Pennsylvania and Simon lives Manhatten. His two kids, Lorenzo & Gia, live in Florida with their mom.

Almost every day I walk my dog Jody and spend an hour or so at the ~ ~ keeping fit. God is gracious to me. There's much more to do than time to do it. I enjoy my Christian and my friends.

I retired from the and enjoy in my refurbished VW Eurovan Camper. In 2017 I visited all 58 California counties and in 2018 I traveled coast-to-coast-to-coast

Liz is the love of my life and I'm blessed that I can spend my retirement with her--although at times we drive each other crazy.