You're Nobody 'til you're Somebody



Computers of years gone by

last class taught on Dec 11, 2004

Home Pages of years gone by

~ These technology activities are now just memories ~
the pages are frozen in time

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Teaching the Internet
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Internet Beginners
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Power Browsing
College of Marin
(Indian Valley Campus)
stopped in January 2003
Santa Rosa Junior College
(Coddingtown Mall)
stopped in May 2003
Securities America
at Data Manager
stopped in August 2003

Technology Humor
"As I wrote many years ago at the very beginning of the debate about computers, a computer is just a glorified pencil. Einstein once said 'my pencil is cleverer than I'. What he meant could perhaps be put thus: armed with a pencil, we can be more than twice as clever as we are without. Armed with a computer, we can perhaps be more than a hundred times as clever as we are without; and with improving computers there need not be an upper limit to this."     Karl Popper   The Self and Its Brain, p. 208

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