First visited in 1968.        My Official Residence since 1988

My first visit to California was in the Summer of 1968. Mom, Dad, Frank and I took a northern route from Indiana to Washington State, then traveled back through California. We stopped off to visit Eileen and Terry at Travis AFB, then went to San Francisco, then Disneyland, then back east.

I passed through California on my hitchhike. When we lived in Eugene, we also traveled to California to visit Halmonie in Santa Clara and also went to Santa Cruz.

We moved to California from Wisconsin in July of 1988 and have lived in in the Golden State since then. Of course you can see California pictures and narratives all over the place.

Since moving to California, I've lived in 5 places:
Fort Baker, Mill Valley, San Lorenzo, Hayward, and San Mateo.

Here is a link to my P H O T O   J O U R N A L of California.

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