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Schedule of classes

Spring 2000

2 hours / A minusPastoral Counseling with Dan Boling
This was my first class at GGBTS. I didn't know what to expect, I enjoyed it and the text.. Counseling is so contrary to my personality type. It's hard to be an aloof confidant. I conducted two counseling sessions. This is my first verbatim and this is my a second verbatim. I appreciated the in-class discussions and the personal experience that Dr. Boling shared with us. After leaving his class I also enjoyed his blonde jokes via e-mail.

2 hours / A

Church Web Design with Herb Drake
As a first time (non-returning) student, my sign-up choices were limited. I decided to take this web-making class, even though I already knew a lot about HTML. I found that there was a lot I didn't know and appreciated the instructor. The class motivated me to go beyond my original notion of my personal web site. So if you are reading this, it's because of Herb's class.

Summer 2000

2 hours / AChristian Ethics with James Higgs
This was a quick intensive class. Students came in from all over the West. I was assigned to a smaller group for projects. This is the report on our major text,"the Moral Quest".
(There is a picture of our group below) Our group presented on the issue of war and peace. I also did a report of Jacques Ellul.I think this is the area into which I want to focus most of my seminary ambition. The discussions provoked the outline of a book on ethics. I hope to take it further...

Planning for our Presention in an Ethics class
Note: Warren's hair is digitally enhanced

Fall 2000

3 hours / A in OT, C in Turabian, B overallOld Testament One with Gary Arbino
We studied the OT Torah and background of the NME. Gary took some getting used to. His grading methods are wierd, but I adjusted. I reviewd 2 articles. I wrote my big paper on Sodom and Gomorrah.

2 hours / AChurch History One with Dwight Honeycutt
This content of this class was right up my alley and the instructor was great in both knowledge and presentaion. I wrote five illustrations from early church history.To honor my son at his Catholic seminary, I wrote my biographical sermon on Saint Dominic.

1 hour / CRFoundations of Ministry with Michael Thompson
This as a CR/NC class. We met mostly in a circle of chairs and discussed our way through 3 foundational books, one was Preparing for the Christian Ministry, another was How to think Theologically and the third was Spirit of the Disciplines. It was a non-pressurized, enjoyable experience.

Spring 2001

2 hours / AOld Testament Two with Gary Arbino
We studied the Kethihim and the Nevihim as well as the apocrapha. I got along better with Gary. I wrote one paper on Joshua 22 an essay as part of an exam and a report about our reading.
See what an amazing job Dr. Arbino did in his rendition of the prophet Amos.

2 hours / AChurch History Two with Dwight Honeycutt
This was a continuation of Church History One. We began with the precursors to the Reformation and studied Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin. As well as the English Reformation and the Radical Reformation. I wrote 5 Historical Illustrations and my biographical sermon on William Booth.

2 hours / A Biblical Hermeneutics with Gary Arbino and D. Michael Martin
For this class I presented on Exodus 21: "an eye for an eye". I wrote my exegetical paper on Galatians 3:23-29.

2 hours / A minusHistory of the Baptists with Michael Thompson (an online course)
This was first experience with an online class. I wrote a paper on the Baptists and Slavery and a 20-question final exam.

2 hours / A

          Summer 2001

Foreign mission credit with Randy Higgins
I earned three hours credit forgot for going on a mission to Rwanda and writing about it. I plan to go back again in 2002.

Fall 2001

3 hours / ANew Testament One with Rick Melick (left)
Maury Robertson assumed the role of instructor when Dr. Melick became ill. This is the first worksheet on John the Baptist, the second worksheet on the Roman Empire, and the third worksheeton the Parable of the Wicked Farmers .The fourth paper was about The organizing principles of the Gospel of John.

2 hours / AChurch History interpreted through Cinema with Dwight Honeycutt
In this class we viewed 6 movies depicting events of the English Reformation: Becket, A Man for All Seasons, Ann of a Thousand Days, Elizabeth, Lady Jane, & Cromwell . This was my paper on Thomas Becket, that holy bissful martyr.
Check out this ranking of British monarchs. What is your guess?

2 hours / A Principles of Church Planting with Bill Wagner
I learned a lot from this class, especially about the book of Nehemiah. I wrote two papers: one about an accurate picture of a church (this one I moved to my private section because my critique about Berkland offended some people. If you want to see it, ask me.) and the other about 12 things that help a church to grow.

2 hours / AChristian Philosophy of Religion with Andy Pak (an online course)
This is a good on line course. I wrote five short papers and a final research paper. The first paper was was about reason, the second was about pain, based on the book by C. S. Lewis. The third was about Durkheim's theory of Religion. My fourth paper was about The Nature of Religion and my fifth paper was about the defense of God in the presence of pain. My final research paper was about "Homosexuality in the church: Exploring the boundaries of pluralism".

2 hours / AMulticultural Ministry with Leroy Gainey
I appreciated this class. There were two written requirements: one requirement was to make two site visits to non-christian services. A second requirement was to write about a specific aspect of the Multicultural church. I visited the Metropolitan Church & a Samhain celebration. I wrote about Korean-American Churches in the Bay Area:United by Culture / Divided by Language

3 hours / A

          January Term 2002

Greek with Jay Noh  (not to be confused with this Dr. No.)
This is really my third attempt at Greek. In 1971, I bought a book and tried to learn it on my own -- Not much luck. In 1983, I studied a bit in Eugene, but I had to drop the class when I moved to Korea. I hope this third time is the charm !! Maranaqa!! There are no papers in this class, so nothing to hyper to.

Spring 2002

2 hours / AChurch Administration with Tom Jones
This is a reaction paper to the class text.
Here is an interview with a church staff person .

 2 hours / ANew Testament Two with Jay Noh

Link here to my short research report on the source of Paul's theology.

2 hours AHistorical Theological Integration with Mike Thompson and Dwight Honeycutt
Saint John Chrysotom
This class centered on the Orthodox tradition. My presentation and research paper was on Saint John Chrysostom.

2 hours / A minusGreek Exegesis: Colossians with Jay Noh
Link here to the Greek text of Colossians.
This is report on a book called "Exegetical Fallacies".

2 hours / A

Christian Leadership with Leroy Gainey
These are my 12 reflections that I wrote for every sesson.
Here is a job description and here is a description of my leadership stages.

3 hours / AIntro to Preaching with David Page
This is a portrait of a famous pulpiteer: Billy Graham.
This is my first of two sermon evaluations.
This is my second of two sermon evaluations.
This is a manuscript of my first sermon.
This is a manuscript of my second sermon and this is a slideshow of my second sermon.

2 hours / ABasic Evangelism with William Wagner
See a class project in action.
Here is a verbatim of two witnessing encounters (ouch)

Summer 2002

2 hours / AExegesis: Epistle to the Romans with Rick Melick
This class was intense: 4 days / 8 hours a day with one pre-assignment and 3 post assignments.
Here is first paper on Romans.
This is the review of the text.
The take home exam and the Research Paper.

3 hours  / aEvangelism Practicum with Bill Wagner
This credit is for summer Missionary work in Africa.

Fall 2002

3 hours / a minusPastoral Care with David McCormick
This class is strange. Dr. McCormick is good, but he feels constrained and cannot teach as he wants. Just two papers in this class. This is my part of longer, 3-person, research paper. And this is the final essay that was due in lieu of the final exam.

3 hours / ASystematic Theology 1 with Rodrick Durst
Great class! Dean Durst is superchared as he teaches. I did two things in his class: Write weekly theological reflections and a research paper in lieu of exams.

2 hours / a minus Greek Exegesis: Galatians with Jay Noh
This is my third class with Dr. Noh. I turned in a midterm project about "It's Still Greek to Me", the file was too long to put on this site.

2 hours / a Intro to Missions with J. Ray Tallman
This class was strange because Dr. Tallman was gone on mission trips some of the time and continuity was hard. I did a report on a missionary for this class, as well as a group presentation. A third paper was on the value of indigenous missions.

Leadership Practicum with Larry Laxton, Peer Group leader
See some pictures of Supervised Minsistry

Barry Stricker was my supervisor/mentor. ken eakins was my spiritual director. Larry Laxton was my Peer Group leader. Jerry Stubblefield, Nancy McLennon, Sam Mulli, Janet Locke, and Don & Carolyn Michaelian served on my Ministry Reflections and support Group (MRSG). This is my covenant with Pastor Barry and Tiburon Baptist Church.

~ Continued into Spring 2003 ~

January Term 2003

3 hoursIntro to Hebrew with Richard Greg Watson
This class was intense and all testing and vocabulary learning. In 17 days we covered a lot, but there were no papers to write.

Spring 2003

2 hours / AIntro to Worship with Gary McCoy
This is an observation that I made of Saint Albert's Priory.
This was the group project about stations of the cross (done with powerpoint).
I selected two activities for the final:
One was a report about a visit to Memorial Church at Stanford
The second was to invent a final exam for the course.

3 hours / ASystematic Theology 2 with Gordon Miller
Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology & Escatology
Here are my Responses to theological questions.
This is the Written Paper entitled: Evaluating the Myth of God Incarnate in Light of The Truth of God Incarnate.

This is the Final Paper entitled: Neighbors or Brothers? A Comparative Study of Mormonism as presented in A Handbook of Today's Religions by McDowell and Stewart and How Wide the Divide? by Blomberg and Robinson

3 hours / A Gospel of John (Online) with Jay Noh
Here my introductory report on the authorship and purpose of John.
Here is my report on John, chapters 1 & 2 and John, chapters 5 & 6 and
John, chapters 9 & 10 and John, chapters 13 and
John, chapters 14 & 15 and John, chapters 18 & 19 and
This is the Exegetical Paper called "Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple: A Study into the Authorship of the Fourth Gospel".   These are the responses to other people's reports.

2 hours / A Hebrew Exegesis: Ruth with Gregg Watson
This is the text of Ruth in English
Here are the three verses of Ruth in Hebrew and English
This is the Exegesis Paper on Ruth 2:1-3

2 hours / AIntro to Church Music with Brian Garland
These are my 20 responses to Reading the texts
These are my three music illustrations
This is my interview with a worship musician

1 hour / CRFoundations of ministry 2 with William Crews and Chris Turner
Here is my report on my Spiritual Journey to the Present
Here is an Evaluation of the Seminarys 5 Objectives.
Here is an Evaluation of the 3 Kings.

4 hours / CRLeadership Practicum with Larry Laxton, Peer Group leader
Here is the Integrative Paper for Supervised Ministry.

~ Continued from Fall Semester ~

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